Guangxi Education Press was awarded the Advanced Unit of Epidemic prevention and Control in Guangxi Publishing and Distribution System
Released on 2020-08-27

Since the COVID-19 prevention and control work began,Guangxi publishing and distribution units resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and The State Council,Actively join the epidemic prevention and control action,Be a publisher,Power with knowledge,Use words to convey confidence,Record Chinese stories,Carry forward the Chinese spirit,Support disaster areas with donations and materials。In a short period of time, a number of high-quality publications on epidemic prevention and control were published, printed and distributed, which boosted confidence and courage in the fight against the epidemic, popularized knowledge on epidemic prevention and control, and made significant contributions to winning the battle against the epidemic。

Recently, the Guangxi Publishing Association and the Guangxi Book publishing Industry Association jointly launched a special advanced selection campaign against the epidemic。After the evaluation of the selection panel composed of Guangxi publishing, distribution, health and other experts, after publicity, from the Guangxi publishing and distribution units8Excellent publications and anti-epidemic publications20An advanced unit in epidemic prevention and control was commended。

Among them, our company was awarded the advanced unit of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic publishing system in the region, and the children's themed educational picture book "The Story of the Virus" published by our company was awarded the excellent publication of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic publishing system in the region。



Book introduction


Title: "The Story of the Virus" Children's Educational Picture Book

Author: Lu Chunxing Mak Rongbing Tang Yi Xuan Weiyan

Publishing House: Guangxi Education Press

Publication Time:20204


  What is the New Coronavirus?How should we protect ourselves?Adults know this, but kids may not。They only know that they can't go out to play, that school has been delayed, that their parents have gone to the front line to treat patients...We need to tell children more, so that they know the virus scientifically, know the right protection, and establish the right values。


  This set of books includes "The virus is coming", "Virus Protection Network" and "Goodbye, little viral monster" three volumes, in the form of stories, from the popular science knowledge, emotional attitude and values, interactive operation of three dimensions to help children understand the virus, protect themselves, learn to be grateful。At present, this set of picture books has successfully signed an Arabic copyright export agreement。