Good news | Three book projects of Guangxi Education Press were selected into the National Civil Literature Publishing project Library during the 14th Five-Year Plan period
Release time 2022-01-25

On January 24, the National Press and Publication Administration announced the list of selected projects in the National civilian publishing project Library during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and a total of 158 projects were selected and placed in the library, including 146 book projects and 12 audio-visual electronic publication projects。Guangxi Education Press策划的《<壮族麽经布洛陀影印译注>文字词汇研究》、《九五之尊线路检测》、《九五之尊线路检测官方网站》等3个图书项目列入其中。This is the first time that Guangxi Education Press has a book publishing project included in the national civilian publishing project library。





    In recent years, Guangxi Education Press has deeply cultivated local culture, actively explored the publishing field of ethnic ancient books, and forged the Chinese national community around it意识A number of books reflecting national culture and inheriting human civilization have been carefully created, with remarkable social benefits。In the next step, Guangxi Education Press will adhere to the original intention of excellence in publishing, strengthen supervision and leadership, strengthen process management, ensure the smooth implementation of selected projects, and make positive contributions to the further prosperity and development of ethnic minority cultural undertakings, promote the high-quality development of publishing work, and promote ethnic unity。