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Standing at the intersection of history and future


Chinese literacy is related to a person's lifelong development, and the Chinese literacy of the whole society is related to the country's soft power and cultural self-confidence。Since the founding of New China, China's language education has made great achievements, and a number of patriotic, dedicated, innovative and pragmatic language educators have emerged。Liu Bin, former general superintendent of the Ministry of Education and former deputy director of the State Education Commission, wrote in his recommendation: The six famous Chinese educators selected in the Oral Record of Contemporary Chinese Language Educators (the first series) have made important achievements in the field of Chinese education,The thought of Chinese education put forward has wide influence in the whole country,Such as Zhang Xiong's college entrance examination language proposition thought,Wang Shangwen's sense of language,Zhou's consistent view of life in Chinese education,CAI clarified the dial-based teaching method,等等。These ideas of Chinese education, based on the reality of Chinese education, have been summarized and developed in the practice of Chinese teaching, and have distinct Chinese spirit, Chinese value and Chinese power。

The publication of the Oral Records of Contemporary Chinese Language Educators (the first series) is a great event in Chinese education in our country。Especially when we stand at the intersection of history and future to look at the development of Chinese education, we will feel the sense of history and reality contained in this set of records。

The first volume includes six kinds: Liu Guozheng's Dictation, Zhang Xiong's Dictation, Zhou Weizheng's Dictation, CAI Clarifying's Dictation, Wang Shangwen's Dictation and Yu Yingchao's dictation。The Chinese education ideas and practical experience of these six Chinese masters have long been well known, and have deeply influenced the majority of Chinese teachers。But it's the breadth and depth of their careersTake dictationIt's the first time。As one of the editors of this set of records, the author has read all the records, and has a deep understanding of this。

First, the narrators are all old, they recall their own growth experience, oral engaged in the cause of Chinese education of the historical footprints, providing a large number of precious historical materials, with high historical value。For example, Mr. Liu Guozheng has worked in the People's Education Press for many years and served as the president of the National Chinese Language Association. He is a participant and witness of the development of contemporary Chinese education since the founding of New China, and his oral content is itself a brief history of contemporary Chinese education。The author has read this book twice and benefited a lot。

Second, the narrators tell the profound influence of their teachers and the stories of their cultivation of the younger generation。This point has a strong educational significance for all language teachers。Mr. Zhang Xiong is deeply influenced by Ye Shengtao, Lu Shuxiang and other Chinese education masters, and he is full of enthusiasm for rising stars。They set a good example in learning with an open mind and respecting senior teachers, and they are also admirable in nurturing new people and being willing to serve as a ladder。

Third, the narrators told about their hard work in the field of Chinese education and the fruitful harvest they have achieved, which is actually their significant contribution to the cause of Chinese education in the motherland。This mainly includes theoretical research and practical exploration。These achievements have become the precious wealth of contemporary Chinese education。

Chinese language education is in a critical period to open up, language education has a long way to go, standing at the intersection of history and future, this setTake dictationIt provides us with reference and inspiration。

(The author is a special grade Chinese teacher and vice Principal of Beijing 101 Middle School)


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Oral records of contemporary Chinese language Educators

(Series 1)

Wang Shangwen Liu Guozheng Zhang Xiong CAI clarified 

Weekly routine Yu Yingchao /口述 

Tong Zhibin Gu Zhichuan Zhang Binfu Xu Yun 

Dikopin Zhou Fenglin /整理 

Ren Yanjun 刘远/主编


The Oral Records of Contemporary Chinese Language Educators (the first series) are in the form of oral records,It fully demonstrates the life course, personality charm, quintessence thought, educational wisdom, teaching art and academic achievements of contemporary Chinese language educators,Vividly reveals the ecological process of the growth of Chinese educators and the formation of their educational thoughts;The series introduces oral history into the research field of Chinese language educators,It systematically observes and explores the spiritual history of educators as witnesses, observers, thinkers and explorers of modern Chinese language education。