"Dun Zao Busy (Genesis Book) Photocopy Translation" was awarded the 15th Chinese Folk Literature Mountain Flower Award, Excellent folk literature work
Release time 2022-02-22


Recently, the 15th China Folk Literature and Art Mountain Flower Award winners and finalists announced, Guangxi folk literature and art again achieved good results, 1 work is happy to pick "mountain flower", 6 works for the final finalist works。

A total of 20 winning works (pieces and sets) were awarded this year, including 4 excellent academic works of folk literature and art (sets), 5 excellent folk art performance works, 3 excellent folk literature works, and 8 excellent folk arts and crafts works (sets).。Another 132 works (pieces, sets) were shortlisted as final works。Guangxi won this year's Mountain flower Award and finalist a total of 7 works (pieces), among whichPan Qixu and Wei Ruzhu, eds., A Copy of Dun Zao Busy (Genesis Book)(Published by Guangxi Education Press)Awarded the 15th Chinese Folk Literature Mountain Flower Award, Excellent folk literature works。In addition, Song Anqun's "Singing in Heaven and Earth -- Notes on Contemporary Folk Songs in Guangxi" and Liu Lingling's "Research on Buyi Drama" were selected as finalists for the Mountain Flower Award.Wei Shengfa's Commentary on Caiduyin, the Ancient Song Capital of Yao Nationality's Marriage Customs(Published by Guangxi Education Press)Won the Mountain Flower Award · Excellent folk literature shortlisted works;Hou Fangni, Cao Meifeng, Wu Shuanglin and Yu Guifang's embroidery "Flowers", Tan Ru's bamboo hat Lamp "Maannan Nationality Flower Bamboo Hat Lamp", Huang Jian and Xia Shurong's Nixing pottery "Splendid Future" (a group of 5 pieces) were awarded the Mountain Flower Award and shortlisted works of Outstanding Folk Arts and crafts。

China Folk Literature and Art Mountain Flower Award is a national literature and art award co-sponsored by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC) and China Folk Literature and Art Association. It is the highest folk literature and art award in the country. It is held every two years and has been successfully held for 15 sessions since 1999。Our district won 21 "mountain flowers" in the first 14 years.。In the past two years, Guangxi Folk Literature and Art Association has actively united and led the majority of folk literature and art workers in our district, concentrated their efforts to promote the creation of fine folk literature and art and the production of works and talents, and organized and recommended 60 works to participate in the 15th China Folk Literature and Art Mountain Flower Award。The award-winning and shortlisted works of our district strongly reflect the academic attainments and artistic pursuit of our district's folk writers and artists, and help the development of our district's folk literature and art cause。


Pan Qixu and Wei Ruzhu, eds. Dun Zao Bushi (Book of Genesis) Photocopying Translation

Published by Guangxi Education Press

Dun Zao Bushi (Genesis Sutra) is a folk belief book of Zhuang nationality, which spread in Xialei Town, Daxin County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi。"Dun make busy" for zhuang, meaning to create the world, translated as the creation of the book。The book records the cognitive thinking and life ideas of the ancestors of the Zhuang people on the creation of the world, human reproduction, reclamation and expansion, the construction of cities and states, the enfeoffment of land officials, the system of feudal lords, and the expectation of living, showing the imaginary world schematics, reflecting the historical imprints of social development in the Zhuang region, and being the epitome of the Zhuang chiefdom system。The singing describes the origin and migration of the nation through the traditional solemn local ceremony activities,It highlights the historical facts of Zhuang ancestors starting their own business in the frontier, dividing their territories, emphasizing culture and promoting commerce, and building their homes together,In this way, we can educate future generations not to forget the merits of our ancestors in creating a foundation and safeguarding the stability of the frontier,Enhance national and cultural identity,It contains deep practical significance and cultural significance,It is a typical creation epic of Zhuang nationality。The book is a combination of myths, stories, ballads and sacrificial verses, full of strong flavor of Zhuang village life and southern border culture。The book is also accompanied by audio recordings of reading and singing of the scriptures and videos of the process of discovering and arranging the scriptures, which completely preserves the original national cultural elements of the scriptures, such as dialects, singing tones, singing tones, and music, to meet the needs of different scholars for multi-angle research。Through the collation of the book, the vivid and detailed history of exchanges and integration of various ethnic groups in the border areas of Guangxi is displayed in a three-dimensional manner, providing rich historical experience and cultural resources for forging a sense of community of the Chinese nation and building a common spiritual home of the Chinese nation。


Source: wechat public account of Guangxi literary and Art circles