"The World of Hearts" was selected to recommend excellent publications to the national elderly
Release time 2022-02-22

  Recently, the recommended bibliography of "Excellent Publications Recommended to the National Elderly in 2021" jointly carried out by the National Office for Aging, the China Association for Aging and the China Publishing Association was released, and three books in our district were selected。

  The selected books are Qi Jia -- Family Tradition of Chinese Communists, published by Guangxi People's Publishing House, a subsidiary of Guangxi Publishing and Media Group.The Way of the World and People's Minds, published by Guangxi Education Press和接力出版社出版的《我的父亲和<黄河大合唱>》。


  The activity of recommending excellent publications to the elderly nationwide aims to further promote the cultural and educational work of the elderly in the new era, constantly meet the diversified and personalized reading needs of the elderly, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly。The selected books cover all aspects of the life of the elderly, talk about taste and style, carry forward the main theme, spread positive energy, close to the life of the elderly, meet the reading characteristics and needs of the elderly, and help guide the elderly to establish a positive outlook on aging, and advocate the age of lifelong learning, dedication to society, self-esteem and self-love of the elderly。


  The officially publicized recommended bibliography includes 36 kinds of humanities and history, 30 kinds of literature and art, 19 kinds of health care and 15 kinds of life and leisure and other categories, and the recommended bibliography is expanded from more than 50 kinds in the past to 100 kinds。

Source: Guangxi Daily - Guangxi Cloud client