"A Thousand Mountain Birds Fly" was nominated for the third annual list of new children's books
Released at 2022-04-25


On April 23, the third annual Children's Book list was announced。Guangxi Education Press"Birds of a Thousand Mountains" was nominated for the Recommended list


A Thousand Mountains of Birds Fly


The annual list of new children's literature is guided by the Chinese Fables Literature Research Association, supported by the Children's Literature Committee of the Chinese Fables Literature Research Association, co-sponsored by Zhejiang Normal University, the Ouhai District People's Government of Wenzhou City, and co-sponsored by the Children's Literature Research Center of Zhejiang Normal University and the Publicity Department of Ouhai District Party Committee of the Communist Party of China。


The third annual list of New Children's literature is a selection of children's literature and picture books published in China in 202166Home publishing unit carefully selected submission, total255Plant books。The organizer organized the expert team for the initial push, push back and the final push of the committee, and the final decision was made after repeated consideration and discussionRecommended list 80 kinds。即"Specially recommended works" 15"Recommended works" 30"Nominated works" 35


Director of the New book list committee, President of the Chinese Allegory Literature Research AssociationSun JianjiangHe said: Strive to tie the first button of life, and the national reading starts from children。To recommend excellent children's literature to young readers is the original intention of the new book listThe committee believes that this year's shortlisted works, as a whole, represent the face and level of children's literature in 2021, and are the vane of high quality and high standards of children's literature。At present, opportunities and challenges coexist in children's book publishing。How to ensure that the theme of the work is correct, positive and healthy, while losing the artistic quality of the work, is the current issue facing each publishing house。The 80 children's literature works shortlisted in this year's new book list have their own characteristics, both in content and in form, highlighting the ideological, artistic and diversity of children's literature。Compared with the previous two new book lists, the overall quality of original works in this new book list has improved, and the number of shortlisted works has exceeded the number of imported works, which indicates the good trend of the current development of original children's literature in China。


The annual list of new children's literature books will continue to uphold high standards and high-quality selection standards, providing a reference for the future development of children's books and children's literature in China。