Follow the hero's footsteps and listen to the red story -- Guangxi Education Press launched the theme Party Day activities
Released on 2022-05-07


Visit the exhibition hall and listen to the Guangxi Red Story。Photo by Liang Lizeng


People's Daily Nanning, May 7 (reporter Peng Yuanhe) On May 7, Guangxi Education Press Party members and young editors went to the "Red Legend" immersive experience center to visit and learn, and organized the "Hero" new book trial reading sharing meeting, inherit red genes, and continue red blood。

At the beginning of the activity, Party members and young editorial representatives visited the theme exhibition of "Red Legend" and the achievement exhibition, accompanied by the melody of the song "Remember You", to regain the red memory of Guangxi and further understand the story behind the Xiangjiang Campaign, Baise uprising and Youjiang uprising。

In the immersive party class experience area,Liu Qianghao, youth editor of Guangxi Education Press, plays the progressive students during the Republic of China,Combine interactive videos,Lead you back to the early days of the Wuzhou branch of the Communist Party of China,Crack intelligence codes, change codes...In the process of experience and interaction,More deeply understand and feel the struggle of the Communist Party of China in Guangxi。


Sharing session site。Photo by Peng Yuanhe/People's Daily Online


Subsequently, by the Guangxi Party history expert Cao Guangzhe brought "Feel the power of heroes in the walk -" Hero "new book trial reading sharing meeting" wonderful stage。In recent years, Cao Guangzhe has traveled all over the country, visiting the former homes of heroic people's heroes on the land of ChinaheroicallyA book called "Heroically"。Among them, there are both the well-known stories of revolutionary ancestors such as Li Dazhao, and the deeds of good children in Guangxi such as Huang Wenxiu。


Sharing session site。Photo by Peng Yuanhe/People's Daily Online


Shi Limin, Secretary of the General Party Branch and president of Guangxi Education Press, said: "As a publishing practitioner, I hope that through this activity, we can have a deeper understanding of the history of the Communist Party of China, better understand that today's happy life is not easy, and turn it into a driving force for our progress.。”