2022 Mountain village reading plan into Wuming
Released on 2022-05-27

On May 24, the "Mountain Village Reading Program" of Guangxi Education Press entered Laipo Primary School in Ganwei Town, Wuming District, Nanning City, and brought Chinese Classics Reading and related reading guidance to the teachers and students of the school。

At the beginning of the activity, Wu Chunxia, deputy editor-in-chief of Guangxi Education Press, introduced the purpose and activities of the "Mountain Village Reading Plan" to the teachers and students。Nanning Wuming District Education Bureau Party member, deputy director Lu Yuezhu said in his speech,Excellent traditional culture is the unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation,Schools should organize teachers and students through various forms of reading activities,The reading of classical Chinese poetry and the study of excellent traditional culture are integrated into all aspects of education,Let more children become loyal inheritors and promoters of fine traditional Chinese culture。


Book donation ceremony


During the event, Guangxi Education Press awarded Laipo Primary School the plaque of "Mountain Village Reading Program Partner School"。Wu Chunxia said, "I hope the children can enjoy the process of chanting, learning and appreciating ancient poetry,Can nourish the soul, edify sentiment,You can also discover the beauty of Chinese poetry,Feel the charm of Chinese classics,Experience the profound connotation of fine traditional Chinese culture,And further strengthen cultural self-confidence,Consciously shoulder the historical responsibility of inheriting and carrying forward the fine traditional Chinese culture。”


After the donation activity, a special class meeting with the theme of "Ode to China" was also held。Ms. Wei Liling combined books with courseware to guide students to learn the recitation of ancient poetry "Out", and through "ancient poetry with painting" and "you draw I guess" and other games, to further stimulate children's interest in ancient poetry, deepen their understanding of classic poetry, the scene atmosphere is warm。


"Poetry to China" theme class meeting


The Mountain Village Reading Program is one of the public welfare projects of the Guangxi National Reading Activity in 2022. Relying on high-quality publications and supporting reading guidance, the reading promotion activities are widely carried out in the schools of remote mountain villages in Guangxi to help the construction of a booklike society。The event was organized by the Publicity Department of Wuming District Party Committee and Wuming District Education Bureau, organized by Guangxi Education Publishing House and Yonghua Wuming Branch of Guangxi Xinhua Bookstore Group, and co-organized by Laipo Primary School in Ganwei Town, Wuming District。


(Information source: Guangxi Cloud client)