Guangxi Education Press Co., Ltd. to convey the implementation of the group company to study, publicize and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 major seminars and bimonthly work to promote the spirit of the review meeting
Released on 2023-04-20

      On the morning of November 17, Guangxi Education Press Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Education Association) held a staff meeting to convey the implementation of the group company's learning and publicityThe spirit of the Party's twenty major spirit seminar and the spirit of the bimonthly work promotion review meeting, the secretary of the General branch of the Social Party and President Shi Limin focused on conveying the spirit of the speech of the group's Party secretary and chairman Comrade Qin Chao at the opening ceremony, and the general branch of the Social Party publicity Committee and Editor-in-Chief Comrade Lu Sicheng presided over the meeting。

Comrade Shi Limin asked,All staff of the education club should focus on the spirit of the special seminar held by the group company,认真学习领会The 20th National Congress of the CPC精神和习近平总书记在大会期间的系列重要讲话精神,In particular, when participating in the discussion of the Guangxi delegation, the important requirements of "five firmly grasped" and "five greater" were put forward,Each branch and department should deeply understand the decisive significance of the "two establishment",Resolutely achieve "two maintenance"。Fully understand the great significance of the Party's 20th National Congress, and deeply understand the core meaning and rich content of the Party's 20th National Congress spiritAll staff shouldGreater efforts should be made in comprehensive study, comprehensive grasp and comprehensive implementationBear in good faithThe mission of "Holding the banner, gathering people's hearts, educating new people, revitalizing culture, and developing image" actively ADAPTS to the requirements of publishers in the new era, meets the severe test of wisdom and responsibility of publishers in the new era, and meets the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people。

Shi Limin同志指出Qin chairman especially stressedTo grasp well习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想的世界观和方法论,坚持好、运用好贯穿其中的立场观点方法。In line with the requirements of high-quality development, we must fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development philosophy, deepen institutional reform, and accelerate institutional innovation.Group company"One axis, two platforms" strategyUnder the guidance of积极Build a new industrial ecosystem and build core competitiveness。To enhanceCultural self-confidence and self-improvementThe publishing work should reflect not only the high-quality development of Guangxi border ethnic areas, but also the breakthroughs in service and integration into the new development patternThe practice of "Guangxi's ecological advantages cannot be changed" reflects the contribution of casting a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation, and reflects the effectiveness of promoting the new great project of Party building in the new eraAlso in the spreadThe Party's innovative theory and the dissemination of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation have made great achievements。We must adhere to the fundamental system of Marxism's guiding position in the field of ideology, and make great achievements in serving the people, serving socialism, meeting the people's ever-growing spiritual and cultural needs, consolidating the common ideological foundation of unity and struggle, and enhancing cultural soft power and influence。It is necessary to grasp the universal opportunities faced by cultural enterprises in the market economy and grasp them"Adhere to the social benefits first, social benefits and economic unity" cultural characteristics, focus on the implementation of digital development strategy, explore a new model of education services。It is necessary to strengthen the role of talent support, coordinate the implementation of talent development strategies, improve the quality of independent talent training, and stimulate the vitality of human resources。Be more determined不移坚持Comprehensively and strictly govern the Party, always tighten the string of strict and tight, carry forward the spirit of unity and struggle, and work hard to achieve unity"A piece of hard steel", strive to create a new situation of industrial development。





Comrade Lu Sicheng pointed out that all employees should earnestly implement the spirit of the seminar meeting of the group company, in-depth study and propaganda to implement the spirit of the Party's 20 major, further unify ideas, improve standing, and have a deep understandingThe decisive significance of "two establishment", strengthen the ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness of "two maintenance", implement the spirit and requirements of the speech of the chairman of the group Qin, pay close attention to the implementation, and contribute to the strength of our society for striving to build a first-class publishing group in the country。