Gather together for development, 踔厉 Work hard to start a new journey -- Guangxi Education Press held the 2023 Topic selection discussion Meeting
Released on 2023-04-20

In order to further strengthen the planning of topic selection, improve the quality of topic selection, and do a good job in 2023 book publishing, on October 21, 2022, Guangxi Education Press held the 2023 topic selection demonstration meeting。The meeting was presided over by Chief editor Lu Sicheng, and more than 100 people participated in the meeting, including members of the leading team, middle-level cadres, all editing and correcting personnel and marketing personnel。


■ Selected topic discussion meeting


In the first stage of the conference, Chief editor Lu Sicheng led all participants to study the report of the Party's 20th National Congress.I focused on the content of the eighth part, "Promoting cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, casting new brilliance of socialist culture"And conveyed the spirit of the notice of "Guangxi Publishing Media Group Co., LTD. 2023 Book, audio-visual electronic publication topic selection Plan Guide", and put forward clear requirements for the key topic selection work in 2023 and the future。It emphasizes the study and implementation of the Party's 20 major spirits, focuses on the goal of building a socialist cultural power, bases on the professional direction, implements the group's "14th Five-Year Plan", launches more fine works, and promotes high-quality development of the publishing house。

Second phase of the conference,The basic education editorial Department, textbook Research and development center, Educational Theory editorial department, reading editorial department, comprehensive editorial department, ancient books Publishing center, Beijing branch, Lexicography editorial department, digital publishing Department and other departments focus on the development direction of the department,Plan topics for the department,From the aspects of planning ideas, author selection, cost prediction, market analysis, marketing channels, promotion and digital integration, the paper makes a detailed explanation and analysis。


 ■ The editorial department introduces topics

Book Marketing Department, education Research Institute, New media Marketing Department, binding design department, finance department, publication department, digital publishing department, proofreading department and other departments after listening to the introduction of the topic of each department,Professional suggestions were put forward for the annual topic selection from the aspects of content optimization, market conditions and marketing methods, printing process use, digital resource development, cover and text design, cost accounting and risk control, and mastering the publishing pace。The members of the leading team of the society make pertinent comments and specific guidance on the topic selection of each department from the aspects of topic selection orientation, double-effect unification, topic selection marketability and book operation。

The more than four hours of discussion meeting on topic selection was full of content and heated discussion, and the participants gained a lot。Chief editor Lu Sicheng summarized the annual topic selection of our agency in 2023,First of all, he thanked all departments for carefully doing the annual topic selection work,It is believed that the selection of 2023 has grasped the direction of education as a whole,Make sure that the theme is published in a planned way,Key projects have been implemented,Market selection breakthrough,The quality of selected topics has improved,But on an editorial scale,The number of selected topics in our books is still too small,There is still a certain gap between the group's requirements,Editing topic planning ability still needs to be improved。Chief editor Lu Sicheng put forward three requirements for editors to further do a good job in 2023: First, firmly establish a sense of excellence,Carefully polish the topic,Guarantee the quality of books;Second, raise market awareness,Do more market research,Identify product positioning and audience needs,Precise force;Third, strengthen brand awareness,Focus on areas of strength,Build characteristic brand,Enhance social impact。


■ Chief Editor Lu Sicheng made a concluding speech

Finally, President Shi Limin made a concluding speech to the conference。She praised the quality of the 2023 topic selection and the efforts made by various editorial departments in the construction of the topic selection,He stressed the need to strengthen political positions,Make medium - and long-term plans for topics,Strengthen topic selection reserve,And send a message to young editors: I hope young editors can seriously learn useful experience and practices from this topic selection demonstration meeting,Enhance the awareness of active planning,Continuously improve the ability of topic selection planning,Accelerate their own growth,Contribute youth power to the high-quality development of the publishing house。


■ President Shi Limin made a concluding speech

Condensing the heart to strive for development, 踔厉 work hard to start a new journey。In 2023, Guangxi Education Press will take this topic discussion meeting as an opportunity to further study and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 Major Congress, constantly optimize the structure of topic selection, improve publishing quality, promote the construction of a new development pattern, and strive to write a new chapter in the development of high-quality publishing in a new era。