Gather up the strong force of doing business——Guangxi Education Press扎实开展学习贯彻习近平 Education on the theme of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new Era
Released on 2023-05-10

Gather up the strong force of doing business

——Guangxi Education Press扎实开展学习贯彻习近平

Education on the theme of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new Era


学习贯彻习近平Education on the theme of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new Era开展以来,Guangxi Education Press认真学习贯彻习近平总书记重要讲话精神和党中央部署要求,坚持把理论学习、调查研究、推动发展、检视整改贯通起来,To carry out high-quality theme education, and strive to achieve real results in learning to cast soul, learning to increase wisdom, learning to promote wind, and learning to promote dry, and gather a strong force for doing businessTo promote公司Quality development of new results to test thematic educational outcomes。

一、Actively implementThe "double reduction" policy focuses on improving the quality of teaching assistance

In order to implement the spirit of the Party's 20 congresses, implement national educationThe general goal of "moral cultivation" and the policy of "double reduction",Promote the Group's "14th Five-Year Plan" on improving the quality of the Guangxi edition of the deployment of teaching auxiliary books,Implement the requirements of the CPC Central Committee on the deployment of Daxing investigation and research,Optimize the teaching and auxiliary design,Improve the quality of teaching assistance,Make Guangxi teaching auxiliary products better serve the front-line teachers and students,Combined with the research topic of "Improving the competitiveness of primary and secondary school teaching auxiliary products under the background of new curriculum standards",Basic Education Division of Guangxi Education Press and Education Research Institute of Guangxi Education Press,And invite a line of excellent teaching experts,Later, he went to Masan County and Binyang County of Nanning City, Yuzhou District and Yudong New District of Yulin City, Guilin City, Fangchenggang City and other places to carry out teaching guidance activities and teaching auxiliary products of various disciplinesResearch activityIn order to better carry out Daxing investigation and research work, better serve the classroom teaching, and better improve the quality of GUI version teaching auxiliary products to lay a solid foundation


Subject teaching guidance activities and teaching auxiliary products research activities


Second, plan for the long term, unite forces, and promote the high-quality development of ancient books in Guangxi

In order to further implement the spirit of the Opinions on Advancing the Work of Ancient Books in the New EraConstruction of digital platform of "Guangxi Ancient Books Library",To promote the research work of "Digitization of ancient books of Ethnic Minorities in Guangxi",Under the overall guidance of the Publicity Department of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee and Guangxi Publishing Media Group Co., LTD,Guangxi Education Press and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Ancient Books Protection Research Center,On April 19, 2023, held a series of activities for the first anniversary of the Implementation of the Opinions on Promoting the Work of Ancient Books in the New Era in Guangxi Museum of Nationalities.,Through strategic cooperation signing, special seminars, special exhibitions of ancient books and other forms of activities,Show the achievements of Guangxi ancient books to the society,Further unite the team of experts and scholars,Seek new measures to promote the work of ancient books in Guangxi,To promote the high-quality development of ancient books in Guangxi。


The leaders of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Autonomous region, the Ethnic Ethnic Committee of the Autonomous region, the Cultural and Tourism Department of the autonomous region, and Guangxi Publishing and Media Group jointly launched the button to carry out the special exhibition of ancient books


三、Share the Baigui literature, and create a magnificent GuangxiWe will promote thematic education at the grassroots level

The "Mountain Village Reading Program" is a reading promotion activity organized by Guangxi Education Press in 2019 under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and Guangxi Publishing and Media Group。"Mountain Village Reading Program" with moral education as the core, to create a good reading atmosphere for people in mountain villages, especially children in mountain villages, and jointly pay attention to and help the development of national reading work。

"2023 Mountain Village Reading Program" focuses on ethnic unity,To help build a demonstration zone for the consciousness of the Chinese nation community,With the theme of "sharing the book of the Bagui, creating a magnificent Guangxi",Go deep into the grass-roots villages and towns in all cities,According to local needs,Organize and carry out various forms of reading promotion activities,Will be subject education and related reading知识Services are brought to the grassroots front line。On April 20, the launch ceremony of Guangxi Education Press's "2023 Mountain Village Reading Program" was held in Liangxin Primary School, Ningwu Town, Wuming District, Nanning, to add a wisp of book flavor to the festival。The activity was reported by media platforms such as Learning Power, People's Daily, and Guangxi Cloud。After the launch of the "2023 Mountain Village Reading Plan", we will continue to carry out reading promotion activities in Baise, Hechi, Liuzhou and other places to help forge the construction of demonstration areas of Chinese nation community consciousness。


The launch ceremony of "2023 Mountain Village Reading Program"


In addition, this year14月,Guangxi Education Publishing House around the "Book: Chief editor talk about the book" "Spend a March 3" "Light candle" "My home in Beijing Island" and other fine laurel edition books,In Nanning, Liuzhou, Hechi, Yulin and other places,A total of 21 events such as book launch, writer meeting and story sharing were organized,Popularize the folk customs of Bagui,Tell the Guangxi story well,The total number of participants exceeded 1.20,000 people, obtained the attention of Guangxi Daily, Liuzhou Daily, Yulin Daily, Nanguo Today, China Daily Network and other news media reports, and achieved a good sales transformation。Among them, the writer Wang Yongying series of activities carried out in Liuzhou from April 10 to April 25 led to the sales of nearly 2,000 books on the spot, and the sales volume was 5.More than 30,000 yuan, obtained the attention of the local media, and achieved a good "double effect" income。


Wang YongyingEnter the campus系列活动


next,Guangxi Education Press将以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为引领,Always maintain a high level of attention, rigor, political consciousness and action consciousness,Closely follow the Central Committee, the autonomous region Party committee and the Party committee of the group company theme education work deployment,Do a good job of thematic education in a strong and orderly manner,Innovative ways and methods,Ensure that thematic education achieves tangible results。