Thank you for honoring youth
Released at 2023-06-20

In spring and autumn, the torch passes from generation to generation

2023年6月19,广西The education press isReading and proofreading department Xie Guiqing, market books division Wei Wei twoThe comrade held a ceremony of retirement。Members of the social team, the president of the social labor union and the representative of the trade union, the middle staff and the employee representative of the marketing book division and the proofreading departmentParticipated in this honor and adjournment, and witnessed this温馨Touching moment。



Secretary of the General Branch of Social Party,社长Shi LiminXie Guiqing, Wei WeiHonorable retirement trophy presented by comrade 

Lu Sicheng, deputy secretary of the General Branch of Social Party and Editor-in-ChiefXie Guiqing, Wei Wei同志献花


Community members Liao Minli, Wu Chunxia to Xie Guiqing, Wei Wei comrade issued retirement souvenirs


Xie Guiqing, Wei Wei two同志They work in the community25年、35年,伴随Guangxi Education PressThrough the difficult business, development and growthextraordinary历程。在座谈In the communication,All in commonreviewedTwo comrades accompanied Guangxi Education Press走过Hard business, development and growthextraordinary历程,Expressed the deep feeling of not giving up。Many colleagues have recalled the experience of interning in the proofreading department when they just joined the society, and Teacher Xie was the first colleague they met. Since then, she has accompanied everyone like a teacher and a friend, patiently using experience and enthusiasm to remove young colleagues from each other"Small saplings" grow into "big trees";Mr. Wei often answers questions for the younger generation. When people encounter pressure and difficulties, he patiently enligh10 them and helps them open their hearts with humorous words, like a "spiritual mentor".。Speaking, some colleagues can not help but red eyes, everyone has too much to give up the two comrades。

Shi Limin president also两名同志Over the years, he has contributed to the prosperity of education publishing and the development of Guangxi Education PressI expressed my sincere thanks and respectI hope they continue to careThe development of Guangxi Education PressCome home often,I wish them a happy and healthy retirement。


37Over the past years, education publishers in Guangxi have taken root in the cause of education, fulfilled the cultural mission, adhered to the professional publishing direction of serving education and teaching, and promoted the inheritance of culture with fine booksAnd achieved good resultsSocial benefitAnd economic benefits,It has laid a solid foundation for high-quality development。In the process, many excellent employees have emerged, who have worked with them over the yearsGuangxi Education PressTogether through thick and thin, conscientious, selfless dedication, with loyaltyA surnameGuangxi Education PressHas made outstanding contributions to the development of。他们Is the writer of brilliant history, is the present forging aheadwitnessIt is the guardian of new hope and the valuable wealth and important force for the continuous growth and expansion of Guangxi Education Press。