Contemporary education master Zhang Dianzhou's new work "Mathematics Education" published
Released on 2018-05-22

  Mr. Zhang Dianzhou, a famous contemporary educator in China, recently published "Mathematics Education" by Guangxi Education Press, adding new varieties to the excellent academic works on subject education research of Guangxi Education Press。

  Since the reform and opening up, the reform of mathematics education in our country has not only made great achievements, but also faced many difficulties。Mr. Zhang Dizhou is a representative figure in mathematics education research since China's reform and opening up。Since the 21st century, while participating in the new curriculum reform, he summarized the tradition of "double-base teaching" in Chinese mathematics and proposed "the road of Chinese mathematics education".。This book is the author's thinking in this period, with distinct characteristics of The Times, and will show value in the long history。

      Through this book, we can learn these things:

  1.The Chinese characteristics of mathematics education;

  2.Multi-perspective interpretation of mathematics education process since reform and opening up;

  3.Mathematical culture and appreciation;

  4.The author talks with some important mathematicians and mathematics educators about mathematics education in recent years。

  Mr. Zhang Dianzhou is a "three-life scholar" who studies mathematics, mathematics history and mathematics education.。His article is strategically located, yet profound and simple, with the style of Chinese culture, more in-depth reform and innovation, in which there are many creative ideas。For example, the six-level framework of moral education in mathematics, the four-level theory of mathematical beauty discussed in this book, the communication between Chinese ancient poetry and mathematical artistic conception, the cultural gene of Chinese mathematics education, the four principles of mathematics teaching, and the essence of mathematics in mathematics classroom are all highlights。In the book, there is an article in which the author talks about the psychological journey of mathematical education research, which is more worth reading。

  Gave a speech at the National Subject Teacher Education Forum

Taken in Shanghai in 2008



      About the author

  Zhang Dianzhou, senior professor of East China Normal University, Academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences。2017 Elected as China's "contemporary education master"。He was an executive member of the International Commission on Mathematics Education (ICMI) (1995-1998) and one of the two leaders of the National High School Mathematics Curriculum Standards (2006) research group。He was invited to give a 45-minute presentation at the International Congress on Mathematics Education in Copenhagen in 2004。He won the first prize of the National Excellent Teacher Award (Zeng Xianzi Award) and the National Excellent Teacher Medal。

  His representative works include Joint Spectrum of Linear Operator Group, Basis of Real Variable Function and Functional Analysis, 20th Century Mathematics Classics, Chen Province's Biography, Development of Modern Mathematics in China, Mathematical Pedagogy, Introduction to Mathematical Education, Introduction to Mathematical Education, Mathematical Education Classics, True and True Words Mathematics, and Great Principles in Primary School Mathematics Textbooks。