Guangxi Education Press joined hands with Guangxi Xinhua Bookstore Group to carry out the "One hundred societies and one thousand schools" reading activity, and entered the Guigang campus to hold the theme of "Reading and Growth" lecture
Released on 2018-05-22

  In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party,Strengthen the ideological and moral development of young people,We will further promote the construction of nationwide reading and academic campuses,May 15, 2018,Guangxi Education Press and Guangxi Xinhua Bookstore Group entered the Guigang campus,Carry out the reading activity of "one hundred societies and one thousand schools",Shi Caifu, member of the Leading Party Group and Vice Chairman of Guangxi Federation of Arts and Culture, was invited to hold two lectures on "Reading and Growth" at Jiangnan Middle School in Guigang City and Hecheng Junior Middle School respectively。Guigang Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Publicity Department, Vice mayor Huang Weiping, Guangxi Xinhua Bookstore Group Chuanwen College and Technical secondary school Co., LTD. General manager Liao Aijuan, Guangxi Xinhua Bookstore Group Chuanwen College and Technical Secondary School Co., LTD. Deputy general manager Hu Bin, Guangxi Education Press deputy editor Wu Chunxia and other relevant unit leaders participated in the activity。

  The event was sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Guigang Municipal Committee, Guangxi Xinhua Bookstore Group, Guangxi Education Press, Guigang Education Bureau, Guigang Social Science Association, organized by the Organizing Committee of Guangxi Youth Patriotic Reading Education Activities, co-organized by Jiangnan Middle School of Guigang and Dutch City Junior High School。

  On the morning of May 15, in Jiangnan Middle School, the students collectively read the "Dream of the Sea" and "We are standing high on the mountain" in the "New Chinese Reading Book" published by Guangxi Education Publishing House, which opened the reading promotion activity in a unique way。Then, Chairman Shi Caifu began with the ancient poem "Memory of Jiangnan", which narrowed the distance with the students。He cut from Lin Yutang's "On Reading", and shared with the students their own reading feelings, as well as their own and the people around them in reading the story of growth, he hopes that the students read more books, read good books, live reading, through reading, let the heart humble, be a person with self-cultivation。He also gave the students advice, in reading to be good at observation and thinking, do not be superstitious, to enjoy the fun of exploration and discovery。Finally, Chairman Shi ended his poem "I Believe" with "Scarred land, wildflowers will bloom.。The end of the night, dawn will surely come "message students in the future growth process to develop the habit of reading, flying dreams。During the two-hour lecture, Chairman Shi's vivid and humorous narration resonated strongly with the students。In the lecture, Chairman Shi strongly praised the classic humanistic reading series "New Chinese Reader" published by Guangxi Education Press, and recommended it to the students。

  In the afternoon, before the lecture, Wu Chunxia, deputy editor-in-chief of Guangxi Education Publishing House, delivered a speech in the Dutch City Junior High School。She introduced that the "One hundred societies and one thousand schools" activity is the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television organization to carry out public welfare reading activities, Guangxi Education Press has been selected for several years in the "one hundred societies" list, through book donations, inviting celebrities into the campus, reading lectures and other forms in the region to widely carry out reading promotion activities。She said that in the future, Guangxi Education Press will continue to devote itself to the promotion of national reading and the construction of bookish campus, while improving the popularity of Guangxi edition books among young people and establishing a new image of Guangxi edition books。




  之后,Guigang Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Publicity Department, Vice Mayor Huang Weiping made an important speech,He says,This reading activity and the 25th "Always listen to the Party.,Always go with the Party "patriotic reading education activities carried out,It is a good carrier and a good way to promote the in-depth development of reading,Guigang City is currently carrying out the "sharing reading,Flying Dreams "100 reading sharing will add highlights。Guigang Municipal Government will continue to effectively carry out reading activities to create a strong atmosphere of "bookish Guigang"。He hopes that the students can cherish the opportunity to read, actively participate in reading activities, draw spiritual food from the book, love reading, enjoy reading, happy reading。



  Next, Chairman Shi began another unique lecture。He recalled the school experience and reading experience in junior high school, told about his own ideal, he hoped that the students cherish the good conditions now, study hard, in the face of confusion, do not feel confused, to have ideal, have ambition, develop a good habit of reading。Do not "dead reading, reading dead books", to be good at observation, learn to think and explore, through reading to understand the sage, reflect on themselves, conscious purification, improve themselves。

  At the lecture, Chairman Shi also shared his poem "In the Position of Water Flow" with the students: "...Shore scenery, see it, do not stay;Bottom reef, just avoid, don't hesitate。In this posture you can move forward forever..."I hope the students can remember their ideals and goals, cherish the time, study hard, read more good books。

  This reading activity made the students deepen their understanding of reading, and played a positive role in promoting the construction of the bookish campus。

Student representatives of Holland City Junior Secondary School read the poem "New Language Reader"



Introduction to the reading activity of "One hundred societies and one thousand schools"

      The "One hundred societies and one thousand schools" reading activity is a public welfare reading activity organized by the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television since 2014,The State Administration selects 100 publishing units nationwide,Various forms of reading activities are carried out together with thousands of primary and secondary schools across the country,A good reading atmosphere of "love reading, good reading and good reading" has been formed among young children throughout the country。In 2017, it also put forward the requirements of "developing reading guidance services", "stimulating children's reading pleasure through diversified guidance methods, and cultivating children's reading ability through constructing reading communication platforms"。Guangxi Education Press has been selected as one of the 100 societies for several consecutive years。