Stroll digital conference integrated 2013 hot words inventory
Released on 2013-05-14

  Walking in the digital age, whether it is the conference system, matrix switching or intelligent central control and other fields, we can see and experience the infinite charm of technology to the product。Through the conference system, we can improve internal and external communication and exchange;Through products such as matrix switching, we can experience clear pictures and perfect audio;Through intelligent control, we can enjoy convenient and comfortable work and life。This is the new experience that digital brings。Relying on the continuous development of network technology, AV integration based on digital audio-visual will continue to write a more gorgeous chapter, the specific results, let us wait and see!


  The advent of the information age not only puts us in the real-time information space, but also makes digitalization change people's lives。While we have experienced the vigorous development of digital technology, we have been shocked by its amazing speed of development。It can be said that digitalization has entered the field of radio, film and television and the digital display industry, which has brought substantial changes to our audio-visual industry. Then, wandering in the digital era, what changes will there be in the fields of conference system, matrix switching and integrated central control?The following is from the conference integration of 2013 hot words to dialysis the development status of the audio-visual industry:


  When it comes to conference integration, the first thing we think of is an intelligent digital conference system, which is an automated conference management system integrating computer, communication, automatic control, multimedia, image, audio and other technologies。The system will be meeting registration, speech, voting, camera, audio, display, network access and other independent subsystems organically connected into one, by the central control computer according to the meeting agenda coordination of each subsystem work。To provide the most accurate and immediate information and services for various large-scale international conferences, academic conferences and teleconferences。


  Digital conference is the most advanced conference system today,It is the use of computer, digital and network technology for each system networking,All the signals transmitted on the line are digital,Not only greatly improved sound quality,Improved system reliability,And fundamentally eliminate the general conference system of interference, distortion, crosstalk and system instability and other defects。So that every representative can hear a stable, pure voice。The operation of the system and the process of the meeting are fully controlled, and the system operation and installation are very simple。For example, PPMEET is a good web version of digital meeting, even without installing any hardware and software, through the network can be used。


  Through digital conferencing, we can "personally" visit any corner of the world without leaving home。Spend the day with colleagues and employees around the world, while spend the evening with your family.The ability to attend multiple point-to-point meetings and multi-point meetings at the same time allows us to avoid the pain of travel and be at the same time。That's the beauty of digital conferencing, so what are the key words in the meeting industry as we head into 2013?


  Hot word # 1: Paperless


  As we all know, paperless conference is a new conference mode that has been popular in the industry for two years, which integrates a variety of information and intelligent technologies into all aspects of the conference, providing a convenient and practical conference platform for all parties, and also brings a new conference experience。At the Infocomm china 2013 exhibition, conference system manufacturers such as Qituo, Vitron, Taiwan Power, ITAV and so on have clearly played the label of paperless。


  So what are the advantages of a paperless conference system?Paperless office refers to the use of modern network technology for office, the main media tools are computer, printer, conference system and other modern office tools, which can realize the use of paper and pen for various businesses and things。At the same time, there are three basic elements of paperless office, that is, in a paperless office environment, computers, application software and communication networks。In view of this,Our current office environment has reached paperless,But with the development of technology,The paperless office era of the new era should also include the application of intelligent conference systems, video conferencing, and a series of integrated systems,The computer, electronic whiteboard, projector and other equipment centralized control,Can carry out internal and external communication and exchange,This is the new era of intelligent conference system。


  Paperless meetings bring a new meeting communication experience to enterprises,Its advantage is that it can establish a sound decision consulting information support system,Scientific and democratic decision-making,Standardize the handling of official documents,Avoid the phenomenon of more than one article, overstocked official documents and random official documents,Improve the speed of document circulation;Reduce vehicle travel,Reduce urban road traffic pressure,Reduce social pressure;It can accelerate the transformation of government functions,Avoid shady dealings and backroom deals,Able to improve supervision channels,Improve supervision means。In short, effectively improve the decision-making level and work efficiency, reduce the traffic and environmental pressure brought by the sending and receiving of documents, strengthen the construction of an honest government, and improve the governing ability are the three major factors favored by modern enterprises。


  In recent years, the conference system market has developed very rapidly, which means that the competition has become increasingly fierce, major manufacturers in order to seize market share, at the expense of investing a lot of manpower and material resources in technology research and development, and strive to meet the needs of the conference room market products for the capital in the market to win a share。The traditional meeting mode is gradually insufficient for the use of modern meeting rooms due to many problems such as low efficiency, poor strain ability, single form of expression, complex equipment operation, serious waste of resources and hidden security risks. The paperless meeting system is a new scientific and technological achievement spawned by this fierce competition environment。


  After understanding the many advantages of paperless office for the economic benefits of enterprises and the sustainable development of the country,Many conference system manufacturers have begun to build a "paperless" conference system blueprint,And many manufacturers have begun to introduce paperless intelligent conference systems,For example, Taiwan Power HCS-8318/20 series paperless multimedia conference terminal,The system is the result of many years of in-depth research on conference system technology by Shenzhen Taidian Company,It is a conference system designed for high-level meetings (such as national parliaments, summits, municipal meetings, Standing Committee meetings, etc.)。The system is based on Taiwan Power company has independent intellectual property rights of multimedia conference (Mmedia acongress) operating platform, never virus, not hacker attack, safe and reliable。


  Televic multimedia conferencing system uniCOS, uniCOS with new technology and user experience, represents the future development trend of conferencing system。The core highlight of the uniCOS system is its application of interactive touch display, similar to the operating experience of a tablet computer。For users to bring low delay, high-definition quality real-time video picture。At the same time, the application of uniCOS touch interaction expands the functions outside the traditional meeting, such as document viewing, advanced voting, short message and network access。At the PALM2013 exhibition, Wincom Technology exhibited DIS's latest "all-in-one" conference system DDS 5900, which is elegant in design, minimalist in style, user-friendly and intuitive operation, and its multi-possibility system control and plug and play functions allow users to concentrate on the meeting。DDS5900 is DIS innovation team to celebrate the 60th anniversary of DIS and honor, it embodies DIS decades of professional experience, combined with the most advanced digital technology, tap the real needs of users and innovative research and development。The DDS5900 system is composed of a central control host and a "three-in-one" conference unit of chairman, representative and interpreter, which has the functions of conference discussion, simultaneous interpretation, grouping, voice activation and voice encryption。It is easy to speak at meetings, has two simultaneous interpretation and language distribution functions, suitable for most meetings。