Handheld safety book for children - Guangxi Education Press safety education digital reader on the shelves
Released on 2018-05-22


  Security education has repeatedly mentioned that security problems are impossible to prevent?How can children protect themselves when danger is looming?When an accident happens, how do children save themselves?


    In 2018, Guangxi Education Press launched the youth safety education digital reader, which will open the safety adventure mode and guide children to become safety little masters!

One-stop safety experience in three major sectors

  This digital reader consists of three sections:

  Adventure-- The cultivation of safety behaviors: present potentially dangerous life scenes, touch the picture with fingers, experience the consequences of dangerous behaviors, guide the formation of safety behaviors, and cultivate safety awareness imperceptibly。

  It's true.!- Strengthening of safety awareness: reading pictures and listening to stories, adapting real cases into readable stories, so that children realize that safety issues are closely related to their lives。
  Can you??-- Consolidation of safety knowledge: Using the way of scene reproduction, distinguish the right and wrong behaviors in the scene, detect the learning effect of safety knowledge, and consolidate the learning of safety knowledge。


5 major themes 100 apps comprehensive care and growth

  Horizontally spread out a series of 15 safety themes:

  Common disease prevention, public place safety, extreme weather self-protection, family safety, traffic safety, food safety, water safety, network security, fire safety, campus safety, drug safety, public health safety, game safety, sports safety, outdoor safety。

  Each topic is segmented vertically into 6-8 knowledge points, a total of 100 apps, covering all kinds of life scenes that children can access, and making up for the shortcomings of safety knowledge。


Multi-terminal use safety education walk

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