Happy summer holiday countdown, refers to the Rubik's cube safety education into the classroom
Released on 2018-07-03

  Summer vacation is approaching, children leaving kindergarten will face a variety of safety problems outside the campus, how to let children master some basic safety common sense, and spend the holiday safely and happily?

  June 29, Guangxi EducationThe publishing house brought the Rubik's Cube safety education products into the nursing home of the organs directly under the Nanning City, and brought them to the children of Class 2A lively and interesting safety education。

  The editor of the publishing house takes "Going to the playground together" and "dangerous escalator" as the theme of scenes close to life,The story of the small protagonist of the product is connected,By showcasing safety education APP products,Introduce children to real-life safety situations,And ask questions in a heuristic way,Guide children to actively explore solutions to safety problems。

Refers to the Rubik's Cube safety education product display

  In the theme exhibition of "dangerous escalator", the editor invited the children to experience the interactive design of the product themselves. The lively and interesting interactive experience aroused the children's strong interest and strong thirst for knowledge。


Children experience the interactive reading of safety education products

childrenThey answered the questions actively

  In this special safety education class, the children actively participate in the interaction of safety knowledge, in a relaxed and active atmosphere to master the relevant safety knowledge。

Refers to the Rubik's Cube safety education products into the classroom

  Refers to Rubik's Cube safety education products, learn about:

  The youth safety Education digital reader is a set of APP reading products, which explains the safety knowledge in life in the form of situational interactive animation, dubbed story picture books and fun experience games, so as to enhance the sense of substitution and fun of safety knowledge, and realize the interactive safety education reading experience through edutainment。

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