The 5th Expo MPR National Standard Industry Application Forum was successfully held
Release time 2013-07-12

  On July 9, the MPR National Standard Industry Application Forum was held during the Fifth China Digital Publishing Expo, aiming to accelerate the integration of publishing elements and scientific and technological elements with the industrial application of standards as the entry point, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the publishing industry。Sun Shoushan, deputy director of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, delivered a written speech。

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  Sun Shoushan pointed out in his written speech that the integration of publishing and science and technology is the driving force for the sustainable development of the publishing industry, while standards are the focus of accelerating the integration of publishing and science and technology, and the industrial application of standards is the key to achieving the integration of publishing and science and technology。It is of great significance to accelerate the industrial application of MPR national standards,I hope everyone will take an active part in this work,Finally form a benign interaction from the government, industry standardization work institutions, technology enterprises to publishing enterprises,Grasp the key point of accelerating the integration of publishing and science and technology,Promote the rapid development of China's publishing industry。

  On the future work of publishing enterprises, the speech raised further hopes。All the publishing businesses,While continuing to deepen institutional reform,It is necessary to further improve the sensitivity to high and new technology,Strengthen cooperation with related technology enterprises,Accelerate the integration of publishing technology,To implement, apply and promote MPR standard as an opportunity,We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the traditional publishing industry,Explore the new form of digital publishing market model,Enhance the communication and influence of press and publication,Occupy the commanding heights of industrial development,To build a powerful press and publishing country,Promote Chinese culture to go global,Raise our country culture soft power,Make due contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

  At the forum, Liu Jiansheng, deputy director of the Publishing Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, condensed his speech into two moments and three figures, with ideas, figures and deployments。Hao Zhenprovince, president of the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, introduced the industrial application of MPR and the advancement of ISDL international standards。Hou Mingliang, deputy Secretary general of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association and Director of China MPR Registry, gave a brief introduction to China MPR Registry。

  Yang Huilong, Director of Digital Publishing Department of People's Education Press, Zhang Wei, Editor-in-Chief of Shaanxi Publishing Media Group Co., LTD., Geng Xiangxin, Editor-in-Chief of Zhongyuan Dadi Media Co., LTD., Huang Haihui, general manager of Digital Publishing Company of Southern Publishing Media Co., LTD., and Liang Zhiguo, chairman of Beijing Normal University Publishing Group Digital Media Co., LTD., also made wonderful speeches。

  Signing activity

  At the end of the forum, MPR technology research and development unit Shenzhen Tianlang Times Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation contract with Beijing Normal University Press, Hebei Education Press, Heilongjiang Education Press, Anhui Education Press and Guangxi Education Press。