Take "Jingjiang King City" into Jingjiang King City
Release date 2019-06-06

  "Jingjiang King City" is a gift book for the 60th anniversary of the founding of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region - "Our Guangxi" series of books, co-written by Zhou Changshan and Qi Zhaojin, published by Guangxi Education Press。

  On the afternoon of May 30th,In Guangxi Normal University Yanshan campus library,Guangxi Education Press and Guangxi Normal University jointly held the "famous teacher Guide" sharing activity,Invite one of the authors of Jingjiang King City,Zhou Changshan, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Guangxi Normal University and professor of the School of History and Cultural Tourism,For everyone to do a "into the Jingjiang King City" as the theme of a wonderful reading activities。

  In the activity, Professor Zhou Changshan guided the students to the book "Jingjiang Royal City", starting from the origin of Jingjiang Royal City, briefly sorted out the historical track of the royal city, and focused on the many historical sites conferred and handed down by Jingjiang King。

■ Picture: Teacher Zhou Changshan is sharing

  He said that numerous literati wrote poems to express their feelings and feelings about the Duxiufeng and Jingjiang King City。For example: Yan Yanzhi in the southern Dynasty under the Duxiu peak "reading rock" inscriptions verses "not if the Duxiu, the e e Fu Yup";In the Southern Song Dynasty, Wang Zhenggong's "Deer singing Banquet Poem" is the earliest source of "Guilin landscape a world".In the Ming Dynasty, Xu Xiake visited the Jingjiang Palace in Guilin and recorded it in his Travel Notes.。

  Subsequently, Professor Zhou Changshan further narrated the changing history of the Royal City of Jingjiang written in the book: The royal city of Jingjiang changed different roles in the constant changes。From a fire of Kong Youde, to the establishment of Guangxi Tribute Yuan in the Qing Dynasty, to the president's office in the Republic of China, the center of the Guangxi Department, and finally to the new China period to become a university campus, continuous context, education talents。From 1954 to the 1980s, Guangxi Normal College, which runs on the Wangcheng campus, has cultivated nearly 20,000 talents for the construction and development of the socialist cause。In 1983, Guangxi Normal College officially changed its name to Guangxi Normal University, and Wangcheng remains a main campus。

■ Students interact with teacher Zhou Changshan

  In the interactive communication session, the students actively asked questions and had a warm interaction with the guest teachers. The students who actively participated in the interaction were presented with the book "Jingjiang King City" signed by Professor Zhou Changshan。



Jingjiang King City of Our Guangxi

  This book is a systematic collection of historical documents, cultural relics and archaeological materials,The history of the rise and fall of Jingjiang King in Ming Dynasty, the historical sites of Jingjiang King and his descendants, the landscape and architectural remains of Jingjiang King City, the rock carvings on the cliff of Duxiu Peak, the culture of tribute yuan in Guangxi, the changes of Jingjiang King City after Ming Dynasty, and the achievements of the internal and external environment improvement of Jingjiang King City in the new period are described,In the form of illustrations,This paper introduces the history and culture of Jingjiang royal city in Ming Dynasty comprehensively and systematically。

Author: Zhou Changshan paint recruit

ISBN: 978-7-5435-8471-6


Publishing House: Guangxi Education Press

Published: October 2018




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