The edition trade work of Guangxi Education Press has made a new breakthrough
Published on 2015-10-20

In June 2015, Guangxi Education Press received the copyright contract sent back by Malaysia Rainbow Publishing Group, and successfully realized the copyright output of four varieties of "Early Education, Early Wisdom, Happy Intellectual Development"。This is the first time that Guangxi Education Press has exported copyright to ASEAN countries outside Vietnam since 2008。


Since 2008, Guangxi Education Press has intensified its efforts to implement the "going out" strategy, taking copyright export as an important task, and firmly grasping the geographical advantages of Guangxi and ASEAN countries, focusing on finding breakthroughs in ASEAN countries, and establishing good communication and cooperation relations with Vietnam。After the concept of the "Maritime Silk Road" and the "Belt and Road Initiative" were put forward, Guangxi Education Press has strengthened its ties with ASEAN countries, especially those along the Silk Road。Take the opportunity of the first China-Asean Publishing Expo held in Nanning,Guangxi Education Press invited the rainbow Publishing Group Shen to exchange,Then I communicated with them through the BIBF International Book Fair,In 2014, Mr. Shen was invited to the club again for a detailed discussion,Sample books are also given away,终于,Since December 2014, we have been negotiating with Rainbow on copyright cooperation through Email,The contract was officially signed in June 2015,To achieve a new breakthrough in the export of copyright to ASEAN countries outside Vietnam。


At present, the printed documents of the four varieties have been sent to Malaysia, and Malaysia will launch a bilingual version in Chinese and English after the translation is completed。