Guangxi Education Press held the 2020 Spring edition of primary school mathematics teaching method online training activities
Released on 2020-05-19

    Due to the impact of the epidemic,2020In order to make teachers correctly understand and grasp the writing ideas and main contents of the second volume of the fifth grade mathematics textbook of the Hebei Education Edition for primary schools, make good use of the textbooks and improve the teaching level,202056On the same day, Guangxi Education Press and Hebei Education Press invited Zhao Xingmei, chief editor of the textbook, to conduct online training on the teaching method of the textbook。

Teacher Zhao Xingmei, chief editor of the textbook, conducted online training

Mr. Zhao carried out detailed interpretation and guidance from the four content sections covered by this set of textbooks, namely "number and algebra", "Graphics and geometry", "statistics and probability" and "synthesis and practice",And emphasizes that the teacher's classroom teaching should be closely combined with several main characteristics of the set of textbooks: first,Learn math in a pleasant real life;second,Let students experience the process of constructing mathematics independently;third,Attach importance to solving practical problems,Improve practical ability;Number four,We should pay attention to the cultivation of mathematical thoughts and methods,It is emphasized that teachers should aim at different knowledge contents,Teach students different ways of thinking about mathematics。

The training activity has been strongly supported by Guigang Institute of Education Science and Laibin Institute of Education Science, the two places actively organized local teaching and research staff and frontline teachers to participate in the online training。In the process of participating in the training, the teachers had a positive interaction with Teacher Zhao in view of their own problems and doubts in the classroom teaching。In the effective interaction and communication, the teachers gradually understood the characteristics and intentions of the set of textbooks, and clarified the context for effective classroom teaching。

Laibin city teachers participate in online training

Teachers in Guigang participate in online training

In the training activities, Zhao Xingmei edited the detailed interpretation of the teaching materials online, methodological guidance on the important and difficult points of teaching and practical suggestions on classroom teaching, which provided help for the majority of front-line teachers to better use the teaching materials and improve the teaching quality, and answered some of the teachers' confusion in teaching。The training has achieved good results。