The famous Chinese educator Mr. Liu Guozheng's new book is on sale exclusively in the micro mall of Guangxi Education Press
Release time 2020-12-01

"Language tools are used to reflect the myriad objective world and the complicated subjective world of man。It is both a science and an art。On November 10, the famous Chinese educator Mr. Liu Guozheng's new book "Liu Guozheng Oral - Teacher, Editor, Writer" was sold exclusively in the micro mall of Guangxi Education Press。

Liu Guozheng oral-- Teacher, Editor, Writer is one of the Oral Records of Contemporary Chinese Language Educators (the first Series) by Guangxi Education Press. It is narrated by Mr. Liu Guozheng (Liu Zheng) and recorded by Gu Zhichuan。The book takes Liu Guozheng's Chinese life path as a clue,From middle school Chinese teacher, deputy editor-in-chief of People's Education Press to writer,A comprehensive outline of his spiritual journey,Recall the past writing of Chinese textbooks,Review the highlights of Chinese Teaching Committee in Middle School of Chinese Education Society,Tells the poetic story of literary creation,Enumerate calligraphy, collection, travel and other hobbies,A happy old age couple who had a profound profound relationship,Occasionally interspersed with poetry and prose works,It is filled with strong family and friendship。

In the field of language education, Mr. Lau Kwok-ching is the successorAfter the "three old men" (Ye Shengtao, Lu Shuxiang, Zhang Zhigong), a new generation of standard-bearers。He has published more than 40 kinds of Chinese education books, poems, essays and other works, and won the "Chinese Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2008, and the "Middle School Chinese Lifetime Achievement Award" by the Chinese Education Society's Middle School Chinese Teaching Committee in 2010.。

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