Guangxi Education Press new book "I have been in Wuying Miao Village for three years" opened presale Xinhua News Agency reporters with cameras to record Miao village poverty alleviation struggle
Release time 2020-12-01

On November 24, the new book "I have been in Wuying Miao Village for three years" by Guangxi Education Press officially opened the pre-sale in the micro mall。The book uses subtle stories and fresh video data to record the changes (poverty alleviation, the leadership of the United Party branch, and the continuous self-improvement of the masses to develop the industry) and the unchanged (national culture inheritance, human warmth, green mountains and rivers) of Wuying Miao Village, a minority mountain village in the past three years, projecting the image of the era of rural revitalization。

Wuying Miao Village is located in the depth of Dameao Mountain, which is near the border of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County in Guangxi and Congjiang County in Guizhou。从As of November 2017,Xinhua News Agency's Guangxi branch photojournalist Huang Xiaobang began a three-year interview here,Deeply integrated into the production, life and poverty alleviation of Wuying Miao village,Hundreds of photos were published on mainstream media at home and abroad, including Xinhua News Agency and People's Daily Online,It records the journey of local people seeking poverty alleviation from the most minute angles,Triggered a warm response from all walks of life。

The publication of the book shows the struggle of poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas in a true and detailed way, objectively and succesfully summarizes the effectiveness and successful experience of poverty alleviation work, provides useful reference for helping Guangxi's economic and social development, and provides poverty alleviation wisdom for comprehensively winning the battle against poverty。

In recent years, under the guidance and leadership of Guangxi Publishing and Media Group, Guangxi Education Press has kept in mind the original intention and mission of publishers, given full play to the advantages of professional resources, actively explored typical figures, typical deeds and typical experiences in poverty alleviation, and done a solid job in poverty alleviation publicity, contributing to the decisive battle against poverty in Guangxi。