Guangxi Education Press reading Sharing will enter the Nanning Public Security Bureau anti-drug detachment to meet the first "Chinese People's Police Day"
Release time 2021-01-11

2021年January 10th the first "Chinese People's Police Day"On the eve of arrival,On the afternoon of January 6, Guangxi Education Press invited Zhu Qianhua, a well-known writer, to the anti-drug detachment of Nanning Public Security Bureau and jointly held a unique reading sharing meeting with the detachment police to welcome the first "Chinese People's Police Day" in a unique way to remember his comrades.。

Book sharing event

The relevant person in charge of the anti-drug detachment of the Nanning Public Security Bureau said in his speech that the establishment of the Chinese People's Police Day shows the Party and the government's high care and strong attention to the people's police, and fully affirms the sacrifices made by the people's police to maintain social stability and the safety of people's lives。On this special day, reading good books together and remembering heroes is very meaningful, which can inspire the police and encourage the fighting spirit。At the same time, he called on the people of the city to take action to jointly pay attention to drug crimes and participate in the fight against drugs。

At the reading sharing meeting, the police shared the reading experience of "Hero and Tiger Gall: Anti-drug police Gan Kewei" published by Guangxi Education Publishing House。Gan Kewei, the protagonist of the book, is a police officer in the anti-drug detachment of the Nanning Public Security Bureau13 years, nearly eight of them on the front lines of drug control。He has made repeated war achievements and participated in the cracking of 137 major drug crimes, seizing a total of more than 3,000 kilograms of various drugs and arresting 197 drug suspects。Awarded individual first class merit once, second class merit once, and third class merit 4 times。On January 15, 2017, Gan Kewei, after fighting for several days and nights to participate in the detection of a major drug case, suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and fell unconscious, and died on duty after the rescue failed, giving his precious life at the age of 36 for the cause of drug control。

Well-known writer Zhu Qianhua, the author of the book "Hero and Tiger Gall: Anti-drug police Gan Kewei", told the story behind his personal encounter with Gan Kewei and the creation and publication of the book, in order to express his deep respect and memory for the hero。

Renowned author Zhu Qianhua shares the story behind his book creation

Two of Gan Kewei's former comrades said,The Chinese People's Police Day is coming,By reading "Heroes and Tigers: Narcotics Cop Kam Kewei",Relive the heroic deeds around you,It can inspire the majority of police to inherit the spirit of Yingmodel,With more firm ideals and beliefs, more high fighting spirit, more excellent skills,Put into drug control work,Present a gift to the first Chinese People's Police Day with practical actions。

A female police officer from the anti-drug detachment of the Nanning Public Security Bureau said that by reading "Hero and Courage: Anti-drug police Gan Kewei", she had a deeper understanding of the hero and realized that Gan Kewei was a positive, serious and responsible person both in work and life。She will follow Gan Kewei's example and always live by his motto:"Work hard to be powerless, struggle to move themselves", encourage themselves to be down-to-earth and keep forging ahead。

Female police officers share reading experience

At the sharing meeting, Guangxi Education Press also presented books to the police, and sent to Nanning Yuexiu Road Primary School, Nanning Binhu Road Primary School Shanyucheng campus, Nanning Yuanhu Road Primary School, Nanning Dongge Road Primary School and other school children recorded holiday blessing videos。

After the sharing session, the narcotics divisionUnder the leadership of the detachment leaders, 30 police officers faced the new police flag, raised their right fists, and revisited the oath to join the police。The police have said that they will defend political security, maintain social stability, and safeguard the people's peace, and resolutely fulfill the sacred duties of the people's police。

(Police officer revisits oath of entry into police)