The edition trade work of Guangxi Education Press has made new achievements
Published on 2015-10-20

In June 2015, Guangxi Education Press signed a copyright contract with Vietnam and successfully exported copyright to Vietnam again。


This contract exports a total of 16 varieties, all of which are local teaching materials used in Guangxi, 10 varieties are Mental health education for primary school students, and 6 varieties belong to Guangxi labor technology teaching materials and Guangxi Green Certificate local teaching materials。


Since 2008,Guangxi Education Press strengthens the implementation of "going out" strategy,The copyright output as an important task to grasp,And firmly grasp the geographical advantages of Guangxi bordering on ASEAN countries,Focus on finding breakthroughs in ASEAN countries,It has established sound communication and cooperative relations with Vietnam,Since 2008, it has basically maintained the trend of exporting copyright to Vietnam every year。After the concept of the "Maritime Silk Road" and the "Belt and Road Initiative" were put forward, Guangxi Education Press expanded its contacts with ASEAN countries, especially those along the Silk Road, and tried to conduct in-depth cooperation with Vietnam。On the one hand, it signed a general agency contract with Vietnamese partners to comprehensively deal with the copyright related matters of Guangxi Education Publishing House in Vietnam, and agreed on preferential support and incentive programs。On the other hand,Considering that China and Vietnam have similar national conditions,Vietnam and Guangxi are geographically close,The level of social development is similar,The needs of readers in Vietnam are likely to be connected with the market needs in Guangxi,并且,The realization of copyright export of teaching materials has more significance of culture "going out" than that of general books,The varieties mainly introduced to Vietnam gradually changed from general books to general books and local teaching materials and reading materials。


In 2013, the Vietnamese partner showed great interest in the sample books of several sets of books, such as "Mental Health Education for Primary school Students" and "Guangxi Labor Technology Textbook" and "Guangxi Green Certificate Textbook", in Guangxi Education Press, and began to negotiate copyright matters in 2014, and began to translate and recommend to Vietnamese schools。In June 2015, Guangxi Education Press finally signed a copyright contract and successfully exported a total of 16 varieties。


It is reported that "Guangxi labor technology teaching materials" and "Guangxi Green Certificate teaching materials" six varieties have been done in front of the translation work, and can be published in Vietnam this year。