Guangxi Education Press group to Nanning Wuming District Xinhua bookstore business exchange
Release time 2021-10-21

On the afternoon of September 24, Wu Chunxia, deputy editor-in-chief of Guangxi Education Press, led the comprehensive editorial department, reading promotion Department, and Marketing Department personnel to carry out business exchanges at the Zhuangxiang Book City of Xinhua Bookstore in Wuming District of Nanning City, visited and understood the transformation and upgrading of the store, and focused on strengthening the "integration of community stores".People associated with the bookstoreCarried out深入交流Nanning Wuming District Xinhua Bookstore Co., LTD. Manager He Guijiang et al参加交流。

Nanning CityXinhua Bookstore in Wuming District Zhuangxiang Book City, Wu Chunxia and his party have visited the social science, culture and education book area, the Laurel edition book counter and children's book exhibition area, and体验The intelligent shopping guide device is operated。

During the exchange, He Guijiang introducedNanning CityThe upgrading and transformation of Xinhua Bookstore Zhuangxiang Book City in Wuming District and the transformation of new business concepts and new models, indicating that it is actively upgrading diversified and integrated formats, highlighting the interactive experience and cultural leisure functions of the bookstore, and maximizing to meet the personalized needs of readers。

Wu Chunxia is rightNanning CityXinhua Bookstore in Wuming District is grateful for its support to Guangxi Education Press, and hopes that the two sides can further strengthen communication and exchanges, work closely together, and seek new development for the cooperation between the stores under the new situation。