Guangxi Folk Entertainment: A book that tells you how good Guangxi people are at playing
Release time 2021-11-02

    On the afternoon of October 30th,Displaying cultural heritage and highlighting the splendor of Baigui -- the "Cultural Guangxi" book reading Sharing Meeting was successfully held in the Library of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,The sharing session was hosted by the Library of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,Guangxi Radio and Television city channel,Guangxi Education Press and Relay Press jointly executed。Guangxi Publishing Media Group Co., LTD., member of the Party committee, editor in chief Zhang Yibing,Wang Chunfeng, deputy director of the publishing management Office of the Propaganda Department of the autonomous Region Party Committee,Guangxi Education Press Co., LTD. Party branch secretary, president, Editor-in-Chief Shi Limin,Relay publishing company Limited Party branch secretary, president Huang Jian,Qin Xiaoyan, librarian of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,Xu Ninggang, director of Urban Channel of Guangxi Radio and Television, attended the event。


 At the sharing meeting, Wei Suwen and Chen Yuwen, the authors of Guangxi Folk Entertainment, combined books to vividly explain the characteristics and functions of Guangxi folk entertainment culture and explain the cultural meaning behind folk entertainment。






Chen Yuwen



Wei Suwen, Chen Yuwen

To explain the characteristics and functions of Guangxi folk entertainment


In the book "Guangxi Folk Entertainment", there is a chapter entitled"Blow the Lusheng and dance, no matter the day and night", that is, as long as the Miao people blow the Lusheng, they will sing and dance enthusiastically and carnival。Jia Zheng, the non-genetic inheritor of the Miao Lusheng, led his apprentice to blow the Lusheng at the scene, showing the hot passion of the Miao people。




Lusheng performance


The audience also had interactive questions and answers with the writers, and the audience who participated in the interaction got beautiful books。




Live audience interacts with writers