Pay attention to research, optimize products -- Guangxi Education Press recent education quality survey activities
Release time 2021-12-16

Following the investigation in May and September, recently, the backbone editor of Guangxi Education Press responsible for teaching and auxiliary editing of textbooks went to Beihai and Nanning Masan County to carry out a series of research activities around the theme of "How to make teaching and auxiliary products better serve school education and teaching under the 'double reduction' policy"。

On November 18, under the leadership of Lu Sicheng, vice president and deputy editor-in-chief of Guangxi Education Press, the disciplinary backbone editors from basic Education Editorial Department and textbook Research and development Center went to Beihai Institute of Education Science to conduct product research。The editors of each subject had face-to-face communication with the teachers and teaching and research staff who participated in the survey,And take the initiative to inquire about the changes in the teaching process of teachers under the "double reduction" policy and the demand for teaching assistance,I listened carefully and recorded in detail the teachers' opinions and suggestions on the teaching auxiliary products of Guangxi Education Press,To collect information for further optimizing product design and improving the quality of teaching and auxiliary books。


Beihai teaching auxiliary products research activity site


Subject editors communicate with teachers in Beihai

On November 24, the English subject backbone editor of the Basic Education Editorial Department of Guangxi Education Press and Teacher LAN Hong, former English teaching researcher of Nanning Institute of Education Science, came to Mashan County, Nanning, and conducted a survey on the quality of teaching auxiliary books in Mashan Zhoulu Junior High School and Mashan Jiafang Junior High School respectively。During the investigation, the subject editors met with teachers from two middle schoolsThe actual demand of teaching in township middle schools is understood, which is of great help to optimize teaching auxiliary products。

The research activities have been supported and helped by Beihai Education and Science Institute, Nanning Education and Science Institute, Beihai Xinhua Bookstore Co., LTD and Guangxi Xinhua Relay Education Books Co., LTD。