"Research on Classroom Teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools" has entered the top 5 list of "Photocopying newspaper materials" in 2021
Release time 2022-02-14

On January 4, 2022, the Basic Education Journal of Renmin University of China announced the reprinting of papers on "Photocopying newspaper materials" in 2021。A total of 25 papers in the "Research on Classroom Teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools" of our company in 2021 were reprinted in full by the "Photocopying newspaper Materials" of the People's Congress.Among them, high school mathematics, Secondary school English and primary school English entered the top 10, primary school mathematics ranked 11th, and secondary school chemistry ranked 12th。


Since its inception in 2016,"Research on Classroom Teaching in primary and secondary schools" always insists on "establishing quality consciousness.,Focus on academic development "and" provide quality teaching for teachers.,Provide academic research platform for researchers,Serve the professional development of teachers "purpose,Carefully curate journal content,The academic level of journals is constantly improving,The amount of full text reprinted by the NPC "Photocopying newspaper materials" has increased year by year。For three consecutive years, the subject of middle School English has ranked among the top 10 full text reprints of "Photocopying Newspaper Materials · Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Middle Schools".2021 takes a new leap forward。


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Renmin University of China book and newspaper data center was established in1958年,New China is the earliest engaged in humanities and social science literature collection, collation, editing, release of information and materials provider,The book and newspaper Information Center "Photocopying newspaper materials" has a wide range of academic influence at home and abroad,Its reprint quantity (rate) is generally regarded as an objective and fair evaluation standard in the field of humanities and social science journals。