| Guangxi Education Press held the 2020 Publishing Work Conference
Released on 2020-05-11

On May 6, 2020, Guangxi Education Press held the 2020 Publishing Work Conference。The meeting conveyed the spirit of the speech of Fan Xiaoli, member of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, at the Guangxi copyright "Going Out" symposium on April 26,And the spirit of Guangxi Publishing and Media Group's 2020 publishing work Conference,And summarized and analyzed the publishing work of our agency in 2019,Deployment for publishing in 2020。Members of the social team, all middle-level staff and staff of the editor's office attended the meeting, which was presided over by Tang Qiude, deputy secretary of the General Branch of the Social Party, executive vice president and deputy editor in chief。

Shi Limin, secretary of the General Party Branch, president and editor-in-chief of our society, first conveyed the spirit of Comrade Fan Xiaoli's speech at the Guangxi copyright "Going out" symposium。Fan Xiaoli pointed out that copyright "going out" is an important content of culture "going out"。We should fully understand the significance of Guangxi copyright "going out",We will strengthen our sense of responsibility and mission,Focus on ASEAN and along the Belt and Road,Vigorously develop cultural products suitable for "going out",Tell Chinese stories and Guangxi stories well,To enhance the world's knowledge and understanding of China,Enhance cultural soft power,Help Guangxi become a hub of cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN。Comrade Fan Xiaoli's speech, with its lofty position, profound thinking, clear requirements and prominent focus, has strong pertinence and guidance, and has provided important guidelines for our publishing work。

接着,Shi Limin conveyed the spirit of the Group's 2020 publishing work conference,He stressed the need to further implement the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group,Consciously unify the thought and action to the decision-making deployment of the group Party committee,Strive to be stronger, better and bigger,Fully stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of cadres and employees,Strive to create a good working atmosphere of single-minded development,Strive to promote the high-quality development of the Group's publishing work。

At the meeting, Shi Limin reviewed the achievements of our publishing work in 2019, but also pointed out the shortcomings, especially the deficiencies in topic selection planning, market awareness and talent team construction, and put forward requirements for the production work of our company in 2020。Shi Limin put forward,The year 2020 will be the final year of a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and fighting poverty,It is also the closing year of the 13th Five-Year Plan,All departments should raise their political position,Epidemic prevention and control and publishing services;Improve the management mechanism,Firmly establish political awareness,Implement the ideological work responsibility system;Strengthen content construction,Attach importance to original publishing and quality publishing,Market-oriented,Build product brand,Enhance product competitiveness;Focus on the ASEAN region,Strengthen the construction of external communication capacity;Follow the development trend,Solid progress in the deep integration of publishing;Focus on the implementation of key topics and major projects;Insist on talent to strengthen society,Attach great importance to the cultivation and introduction of talents。Shi Limin in particular pointed out that we must focus on the important time nodes in the next few years, actively plan, layout in advance, and do a good job of theme publishing。

最后,Tang Qiude stressed,All departments should earnestly study and implement the spirit of Comrade Fan Xiaoli's speech and the spirit of the Group's 2020 publishing work conference,And combined with the reality of our society,Organize department staff to carefully study the Group Company's Party Committee "Several Opinions on Promoting High-quality Development of Publishing (Discussion draft)",Big thinking, big discussion,Clarify the development approach,Put forward specific measures,Effectively promote the high quality development of our publishing main business。