Guangxi Education Press "Mountain Village Reading plan" into Wuying Miao village
Released on 2020-06-30

624日至28On July 1, members of the third Party branch of Guangxi Education Press, under the leadership of Shi Limin, Secretary of the General Party Branch, president and editor-in-chief of Guangxi Education Press, came to the depth of Damiao Mountain at the border of Guizhou and GuangxiOn the eve of the Founding of the Party, the "Mountain Village Reading Plan" was brought to Wuying Miao Village。


"Mountain Village Reading Plan" into Wuying Miao Village

From Nanning city to Liuzhou Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, and then drive from the county rain4Half an hour to Rongshui County pole hole township...Along the long mountain road, Guangxi Education Press brought a batch of fine books, stationery and "green bookmarks" and other gifts to Wuying Miao Village。Digital publications and stationery, which are integrated with new technologies, are a novelty for children in the mountains。

The children passMPRClick the pen and listen to geography on the globe

The "Editor-in-Chief class" also opened to the depths of Miao Mountain, and Editor-in-Chief Shi Limin led the "Chinese Classic Reading Project" graded reading book - "Chinese Classic Reading" in the class, leading the children to feel the charm of traditional Chinese poetry。She encourages everyone to read more books, read good books, and help themselves and their hometown change their fate with the power of knowledge。

"Editor-in-chief class" came to the depth of Miao Mountain

2020This year is the final year of the decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the decisive battle against poverty。During the five-day trip to Wuying Miao Village, editors from Guangxi Education Press went deep into the village to understand the local poverty alleviation process。

Go into the village to understand the local poverty alleviation process

The county (village) where Wuying Miao Village is located is a deeply impoverished county in Guangxi。In recent years, leading in "Party building+National unity+农业旅游”的带动下,乌英人民用勤劳双手取得了脱贫攻坚重大成就,生动落实了习近平总书记“全面小康一个都不能少”的重要指示。


The "Mountain Village Reading Plan" is developed by Guangxi Education Press under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and Guangxi Publishing and Media Group2019The reading promotion activities have been organized since the beginning of this year。With moral education as the core, we create a good reading atmosphere for children in mountain villages, and jointly pay attention to and protect children's reading and life growth。