Open recruitment of joint applicants for the 2020 National Social Science Foundation Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project
Released on 2020-09-22

Recently, with the approval of the National Leading Group for Philosophy and Social Sciences,The application for the 2020 National Social Science Foundation Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project was officially launched。Chinese Geoscience History · Ancient Volume of Guangxi Education Press has been successfully selected into the Catalogue of Recommended Topics for the Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project of the National Social Science Foundation in 2020, and is now open to the public for joint applicants (translator team).。






入选"Twelfth Five-Year" national key book publishing planning project,2014年National publishing fund项目Won the sixth China Excellent Publication Award


History of Geoscience in China.The Ancient Volumes are closely linked to history,To explore some laws of the occurrence, development, prosperity and decline of geoscience in ancient China,It covers the historical background, academic thoughts, scientific achievements and historical status of geoscience in China from primitive society to the end of Qing Dynasty, scientific works, life of famous scientists, major scientific activities, scientific institutions, scientific education, scientific journals, scientific instruments, scientific exchanges, etc。The book covers the history of ancient Chinese geography and geology,It covers the occurrence and development history of climate, map, hydrology, geomorphology, minerals and rocks,It presents a regular track of the development of geoscience in ancient China,Special attention is also paid to describing the influence of social environment (politics, economy, religion, customs, etc.) on the development of geosciences in each historical stage,It has high academic value and social significance,It also has a good positive significance for inheriting and innovating traditional Chinese culture。With accurate and detailed historical materials and combination of history and theory, the book lays the foundation and fills the blank in the systematic study of Chinese geoscience history。





1. Declaration requirements

1. Personnel of domestic academic publishing institutions with experience in international cooperative publishing and domestic universities and research institutions with experience in academic exchange with foreign countries can jointly apply。

2. Applicants who are responsible for the translation of the English version must have a professional and technical position of associate senior or above or a doctoral degree;Applicants who are responsible for translation of other editions must have intermediate or above professional and technical positions or a doctoral degree。Program applicants must have at least one translation language in a country other than the official languageMore than 1 year of study, visit or work experience, with a high level of native language of the host country (subject to the submitted "Certificate of Returnees")

3. The person in charge of the National Social Science Foundation project, the National Natural Science Foundation project and other national scientific research projects in research cannot apply。(The settlement certificate is dated atYou can apply before October 31, 2020)。

4. The applicant shall be responsible for the main translation or secondary translation work, have a certain ability to write in the language of the original version or research ability in the subject of the work, and have a certain ability to liaise with foreign academic circles。

5. The applicant's institution should have a scientific research management department, have relatively strong academic resources and research strength in related fields, and be able to provide the necessary conditions for foreign translation work and promise credit guarantee。

The above conditions must be met at the same time。

6. Individuals whose major or field of study is related to geoscience (translator team) are preferred。

7. Individuals who are responsible for and have participated in the Chinese Academic Foreign Translation project of the National Social Science Foundation, and have successfully completed the project completion (translator team) are preferred。


二、Cooperative languages

English, Russian, Japanese。


Third, recruitment time

From now on2020年105


4. Recruitment materials

Resume (including education, professional title, overseas visiting studyWork experienceProject hosting experienceEtc.) Send to


5. Contact Person

Guangxi Education Publishing House 黄夕







Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project is one of the main categories of National Social Science Fund projects,The main financial support represents Chinese academic standards, reflects the essence of Chinese culture, and reflects the forefront of Chinese academic excellence,It is published in foreign languages by authoritative publishing institutions abroad and enters the mainstream distribution and communication channels abroad,It aims to give play to the exemplary and guiding role of the national Social Science Fund,Deepen academic exchanges and dialogue between China and other countries,We will further expand the international influence of Chinese academics,Enhance international academic discourse power,Let the world know"China in Philosophy and the Social Sciences"   


For more details about the project declaration, please登录2020National Social Science Foundation Chinese Academic Foreign Translation project application website