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Release time 2020-11-10

Guangxi Education Press micro mall in118Daily online。

To celebrate the launch,1110日至1112Guangxi Education Press offers a three-day discount.All the good books are low3.9还有Collection of praise book, book buy gift, book exclusive sale, periodical discount group purchase活动。




☆ Collection praise book ☆

Activity Time:


Activity Description:

In the circle of friends forward Guangxi Education Press micro mall online poster, obtained35After a like, send the screenshot to the background of the "Guangxi Education Press" wechat public account, and leave the [recipient's name], [address] and [contact information], you can get a copy of Guangxi Education Press "Book Blessing bag" (containing books2Book), blessing bag free delivery。During this activity, friends who receive a gift bag can order books in the micro mall of Guangxi Education Press and enjoy free postage (must be the same delivery address).

Operation guide:

1. The same wechat account and recipient (including name, address, contact information) can only receive one "book bag"。After the relevant information is sent to the background of the public account, please do not immediately remove it, so that Xiaobian can contact you to confirm the information

2. The activity related postal benefits are limited to some provinces and regions in China, excluding Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Gansu, Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province

(Retweet this poster↑, collection praise "book blessing bag")

☆ All good books as low as3.9折☆

1110日至1112On the day, Guangxi Education Publishing House micro mall books low to3.9Fold, full house49Free shipping for $。

Book sets as low as3.9

New Worlds in Fairy Tales

原价:152 Discounted price:59.28

Collect warm memories of childhood

Light the hope of future creation


Children's books as low as5

Sun Wukong studies science-- Listen to the scientists.

原价:38  Discounted price:19

Follow Sun Wukong back to the old land and reveal the secret of Journey to the WestSuperpowers


Teacher education books down to6

International Comparison of the Difficulty of Junior High School Physics Textbooks

原价:42 Discounted price:25.2

China Social Science Foundation education key topicOne of the main research results of "International comparative study of primary and secondary school science textbooks (Junior high school Physics)"


Reference books in ASEAN minority languages as low as8

New Thai Spoken Language (Revised edition)

原价:23.5 Discounted price:18.8

Chinese and foreign experts work together to build a language bridge, a new function and scene expression of the necessary oral book


Original literature as low as6

The Hero Die Hard-- Narcotics police officer Kam Kewei

原价:36 Discounted price:21.6

In the book, there are life and death of the blood experience, but also the ordinary warmth of the drip

☆ Exclusive sale of fine books ☆

Activity Time:


Activity Description:

Liu Guozheng oral-- Teacher, Editor, Writer is available exclusively on the Internet, and can be enjoyed if purchased during the event7discount

Book Introduction:

Liu Guozheng oral-- Teacher, Editor, Writer is one of the books in the series of Oral Records of Contemporary Chinese Language Educators. It is narrated by Liu Guozheng (Liu Zheng), a famous Chinese educator in China, and recorded by Gu Zhichuan。The book takes Liu Guozheng's Chinese life path as a clue,From middle school Chinese teacher, deputy editor-in-chief of People's Education Press to writer,A comprehensive outline of his spiritual journey,Recall the past writing of Chinese textbooks,Review the highlights of Chinese Teaching Committee in Middle School of Chinese Education Society,Tells the poetic story of literary creation,Enumerate calligraphy, collection, travel and other hobbies,A happy old age couple who had a profound profound relationship,Occasionally interspersed with poetry and prose works,It is filled with strong family and friendship。

Liu Guozheng oral-- Teacher, Editor, Writer


Event price: ¥31.5 

8Discount group purchase "Primary and secondary School classroom Teaching Research" ☆

Activity Time:


Activity Description:

团购2021Annual Research on Classroom Teaching in Primary and Secondary schools is available8Discount, complimentary2021Annual "New Youth Cloud Forum" participation quota

Activity Rules:

1.The event is aimed at annual subscribers

2.团购10Cover, must be the same delivery address and recipient

3.Invoice available (delivery)

4.For more information please contact us0771-5865797

MPRBook purchase free ☆

Activity Time:


Activity Description:

Purchase a complete set of New Language readers · Primary School Volume (Collection edition), full set of New Language Books · Primary School Volume (4th edition), Southeast Asian Language Spoken Series · New Thai Spoken Language(Revised edition) or the Spoken Languages of Southeast Asia Series - New Vietnamese Spoken Languages(Revised edition), etcMPRBooks, come with booksMPRTouch and read pen


New Chinese Reader

Elementary school volume/collection edition


 Event price: ¥164.7

New Chinese Reader

Primary School volume / 4th Edition


Event price: ¥133

☆ How to enter the micro mall ☆

Step 1:

关注"Guangxi Education Press" wechat public account

Step 2:

Click on the menu bar"Micro mall"



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