Guangxi Education Press Co., Ltd. jointly with Fangchenggang Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd. to carry out the theme Party Day activities
Release time 2020-11-20

Recently, Guangxi Education Press Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to asThe General Party branch and trade union organized all party members and trade union members to go to Fangchenggang City to carry out the theme Party Day activities of "feeling the glory of the country and enhancing the mission" with the party branch and trade union of Fangchenggang Xinhua Bookstore Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinhua Bookstore")。

上午10At the same time, party members and employees of the two companies held a symposium on joint construction activities at Fangchenggang New Era Party and Mass Service Center。Tang Qiude, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch of the Education Society, executive vice president and deputy editor-in-chief, and Tan Yongji, Party branch secretary and general manager of Xinhua Bookstore, made speeches successively。


Guangxi Education Press Co., Ltd. and Fangchenggang Xinhua Bookstore Co., LTD. Joint activity symposium

In his speech, Tang Qiude made a brief introduction to the party building work of the Education Society and the development of the party building leading the business。He points out,Over the years, the education Association has paid attention to the construction of ideological education of the Party,Expand the collective learning scope of the Theory Learning Center group,Give full play to the educational function of Party organizations for editors and managers,Give full play to the exemplary role of mid-level cadres and party members in all departments,Continuously improve the party organization's ability to steer;meanwhile,Focus on strengthening Party organization building,Constantly enrich the ranks of our members,Strengthen the political leadership of the Party,Manage the overall situation of business development。

In his speech, Tan Yongji introduced the development of Xinhua Bookstore, focusing on the heart-warming activities carried out by Xinhua Bookstore during the epidemic this year, such as sending love milk tea, donating books and materials, and realizing dreams of children's bookstores in mountain villages。In his speech, he pointed out that in recent years, Xinhua Bookstore has won good social benefits, promoted economic benefits, and realized the unity of social and economic benefits by actively carrying out various public welfare activities。


Tang Qiude (left), Deputy secretary, Executive vice president and deputy editor-in-chief of the General Party Branch of the Education Society, and Tan Yongji (right), Secretary and general manager of the Party branch of Xinhua Bookstore, made speeches successively

After the meeting, Party members and employees visited Fangchenggang City Gate Bookstore, Fangchenggang City Port Authority dock patriotism education base, Zhushan Party building education base and Dongxing City Gate Bookstore。

At the Port Authority Pier Patriotism Education Base, understand“广西3·22Engineering "and strategic significance。


Patriotism education base in Fangchenggang Port Bureau dock

In the Zhushan Party building education base, under the guidance of the docent, while walking on the Zhushan ancient street SLATE Road, listen to the docent talk about the prosperity of the ancient street as a famous commercial port and as a liberation warThe tragic and stirring vicissitudes of the battlefield site of "Zhushan War", feel the ferocity of the liberation war, and cherish the memory of the people's revolutionary heroes。At the end of the ancient street, we also visited the "No. 1 Boundary Monument of the Qing Dynasty" (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region National Defense education contact point).。


Visit and study in Zhushan Party Building Education Base

Through this activity,Party members and employees have a close experience of the historical mission of the border city and the new development of the National Bookstore,Received patriotism education and national defense education,Further promote the communication between the press and Xinhua Bookstore,Strengthen the mission of making contribution to the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country and the high-quality development of the publishing industry。