Guangxi Education Press donated books to a number of football schools in the region
Release time 2020-12-11

On the morning of December 7, Guangxi Education Press presented the School Football Series to Nanning Yifu Primary School. The ceremony was held in the playground of Nanning Yifu Primary School。Up to now, Guangxi Education Press has donated 5,000 sets of books to a number of national youth campus football schools in Nanning, Liuzhou, Beihai, Wuzhou and other places in Guangxi。

The donated "School Football Series" is compiled by grade, covering kindergarten to primary school, junior high school and senior high school, one volume per year。The series mainly introduces the basic cultural knowledge, technical and tactical knowledge, the application and improvement methods of technical and tactical knowledge, the methods of participating in training and competition, etc., showing the advanced experience and concept of campus football teaching activities in recent years。Nanning Yifu primary school inIn 2015, it was named the national youth campus football characteristic School. The school integrates the cultivation of interest in football into daily teaching, and carries out campus Futsal football league and other activities every semester to cultivate students' will and quality of unity and cooperation。Guangxi Education Press presents books to schools with football characteristics in Guangxi to enrich football teaching materials and promote the development of sports education in Guangxi。

Shi Limin (third from right), Secretary of the General Party Branch, president and editor-in-chief of Guangxi Education Press, presented a book on stage.

Nanning Yifu Primary School Party Branch secretary Liang Shanhong (second from right), Nanning Qingxiu District Football Center Group leader Lu Qing (first from left) received gifts on behalf of the school。

Liang Lizeng