The communication between Guangxi Education Press and Guangxi Xinhua Bookstore "community shop" has achieved initial results
Release time 2020-12-11

今年In July, Guangxi Publishing Media Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Group Company") launched the exchange and learning work between the editorial staff of the publishing house and the marketing staff of Xinhua Bookstore, aiming to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the "social shops" and build a high-quality publishing industry team。

Guangxi Education Press Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as"Education Club") attaches great importance to this,Special arrangements have been made,All departments of the education community are required to plan the content of teaching and learning,So that Xinhua bookstore to communicate with the marketing staff can have an in-depth understanding of the editing and publishing business process,I learned something from participating in topic selection planning and activity planning.It is hoped that the editors sent to Xinhua Bookstore will cherish the learning opportunity,In-depth understanding of market needs,Improve their market research ability, book marketing ability and topic selection planning ability。

Xinhua Bookstore marketing staff in the education club to understand the book planning process

Up to now, the Education Society has received exchange personnel from Xinhua bookstores in Hechi, Laibin and other placesThere were 22 people in 11 batches, and 40 editors and exchange staff in 4 batches were sent to Xinhua bookstores in Beihai and Yulin, and the exchange and learning work achieved initial results。

By participating in the book planning, understanding the editing and publishing process, and based on the front-line market information, the marketing staff of Xinhua Bookstore put forward a lot of feasible new marketing suggestions, which played a positive role in building a new marketing model integrating multi-media and multi-forms。

Editors of the Education Association went to the front line of the book market to carry out research and study, understand the best-selling products in the market, participate in the online and offline activities organized by Xinhua Bookstore for this edition of the book, and improve the market awareness and publicity planning ability。

The editors of the education club conducted research and study in the bookstore

On the basis of this year's exchange and learning, the Education Club will continue to strengthen cooperation with Xinhua bookstores in various cities, share resources, complement each other's advantages, jointly provide readers with better services, and contribute to promoting the deep integration of social stores and the development of the publishing industry in our district。