Gathering together to promote development and innovation-driven Future -- Guangxi Education Press held the 2022 Innovation-driven Promotion Meeting
Released at 2022-05-06

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为深入贯彻党的十九届六中全会精神和习近平总书记关于产业高质量发展、创新驱动的重要论述,贯彻落实集团公司"14th Five-Year Plan" plan deployment, promote the high-quality development of the main publishing industry, according to the group's bi-monthly work to promote the spirit of the review meeting, on the afternoon of May 5, 2022, Guangxi Education Press held the 2022 innovation-driven promotion meeting。The meeting was presided over by Chief Editor Lu Sicheng。

Lu Sicheng on behalf of the community team reviewPriorities for 2021

Chief editor Lu Sicheng first reviewed on behalf of the communityPriorities for 2021。2021年,Under the correct leadership and support of the Party committee and board of directors of the Group company,Guangxi Education Press compiled and released the "14th Five-Year" Publishing Plan of Guangxi Education Press Co., LTD.,Organized and held the 2021 National Education Press Innovation and Development Seminar,Held the 35th anniversary celebration of Guangxi Education Press,Won a series of important awards,The result of double effect is remarkable。All departments of the whole society closely focused on the central work, actively planned and actively acted, and achieved a good start of the "14th Five-Year Plan"。

President Shi Limin made a special report on innovation-driven development

Subsequently, President Shi Limin made a special report on innovation-driven development。President Shi Limin briefly analyzed the problems existing in the current development of the whole society and deployedThe key work in 2022, and focus on the four aspects of business model innovation, development model innovation, talent training model innovation and deepening institutional and mechanism reform, elaborated the whole society adhere to innovation-driven, to achieve high-quality development of specific measures。

最后,Shi Limin president from the construction of professional image, gather force brand construction,Enhance learning awareness, improve innovation ability,Strengthen the sense of responsibility and advance together with the enterprise,Strengthen the sense of crisis, actively respond to challenges and other requirements,Encourage the team and all staff to adhere to the integrity of innovation,Based on the new development stage,Implement the new thinking on development,Foster a new pattern of development,We have braced ourselves with one heart and energy,Conscientiously implement the group companyThe "14th Five-Year Plan" and the key work of the whole society in 2022 welcomed the successful convening of the 20th Party Congress with excellent results。